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              倫敦大學(University of London),位于英國首都倫敦,是由倫敦的十幾所高校和研究機構組成的大學行政系統,是世界上最具影響力的公立大學聯邦體,亦被稱為“公立聯邦制大學”(Federal University)。


              Postdoctoral Research Associate in Theoretical Physics (2 years fixed-term)

              City, University of London

              Job number


              School / Service

              School of Science & Technology


              Department of Mathematics


              Drysdale Building

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              Founded in 1894, City, University of London is a global university committed to academic excellence with a focus on business and the professions and an enviable central London location.

              City attracts around 20,000 students (over 40% at postgraduate level), from more than 150 countries and staff from over 75 countries.

              In the last decade City has almost tripled the proportion of its total academic staff producing world-leading or internationally excellent research. During this period City has made significant investments in its academic staff, its estate and its infrastructure and continues to work towards realising its vision of being a leading global university.


              This position is in the Theoretical Physics group of the Mathematics Department. Our STFC-funded group consists of Fedor Levkovich-Maslyuk, Georgios Papathanasiou and Bogdan Stefanski, as well as long-term visiting professor Yang-Hui He (LIMS) and is part of the larger Mathematical Physics area of research carried out in the Mathematics Department, whose other members are Olalla Castro-Alvaredo, Andreas Fring and Alessandro de Martino.

              The Theoretical Physics group carries out research in gauge theory, string theory and holography as well as applications of computational and exact methods in string phenomenology. Bogdan Stefanski's work is focussed on the gauge/string correspondence particularly in low-supersymmetry settings using exact integrability. The research interests of Fedor Levkovich-Maslyuk focus on integrability, holography, spin chains and matrix models. Georgios Papathanasiou's research focuses on the mathematical structure of scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory, and especially their connection to cluster algebras, tropical geometry and integrability. Yang-Hui He's expertise include low-supersymmetry gauge theories, the relation between stringy phenomenology and algebraic geometry, and pioneering use of Machine Learning in the String Landscape.

              We play an active role in the wider London Theoretical Physics community, co- hosting the London Triangle seminar series, co-founding the London Theory Institute (LonTI), as well as through our links with the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences (LIMS).


              The position is for a two-year Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Theoretical Physics group. The successful candidate will carry out world- leading research as part of the STFC-funded Theoretical Physics group at City. They will contribute to the research projects carried out by the Staff members in the group as part of the proposed Consolidated Grant research program.

              The role is due to start in October 2024.

              Person Specification

              Applicants should hold, or be soon to complete, PhD in Theoretical Physics or Mathematics. A record of original, internationally-recognized research of high standard relevant to the main objectives of the research carried out by the Theoretical Physics group at City, particularly in gauge and string theory, holography the use of integrability, algebraic geometry or machine learning in physics.

              Additional Information

              City offers a sector-leading salary, pension scheme and benefits including a comprehensive package of staff training and development.

              Closing date: 19th Jan 2024 at 11:59pm.

              Interviews are scheduled for late January 2024

              City, University of London is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all its activities, processes, and culture for our whole community, including staff, students and visitors.

              We welcome applications regardless of age, caring responsibilities, disability, gender identity, gender reassignment, marital status, nationality, pregnancy, race and ethnic origin, religion and belief, sex, sexual orientation and socio-economic background.

              City operates a guaranteed interview scheme for disabled applicants.

              The University of business, practice and the professions.

              Available documents

              SST00182 - JD.pdf






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