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              哥本哈根大學 (英文: University of Copenhagen; 丹麥文: Københavns Universitet;簡稱:UCPH / KU)坐落于丹麥王國首都哥本哈根,是丹麥最高學府,4EU+聯盟、國際研究型大學聯盟、歐洲研究型大學聯盟、歐洲首都大學聯盟、歐洲大學協會成員。大學建于1479年,已有500多年歷史,從最初只對社會名流開放,現已發展成一所學科全面、集教育與科研于一身的世界研究型大學。

              Postdoc Position in the Historical Sociology of Civil Society Leaders

              Copenhagen Business School


              February 01, 2024


              Offerd Salary:Negotiation


              Working address:N/A

              Contract Type:Other

              Working Time:Full time

              Working type:N/A

              Ref info:N/A

              Postdoc Position in the Historical Sociology of Civil Society Leaders

              The Department of Business Humanities and Law at Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a vacant Postdoc position in the historical sociology of civil society leaders. The starting date is expected to be 1 June 2024, or as agreed upon consultation.

              The postdoc position is a non-tenured full-time position of three years with the possibility of a one-year extension based on teaching obligations. The research will be conducted as part of the European Research Council Starting Grant project ‘Moral Elites: The Historical Positioning of Civil Society Leaders in National Moral Economies' (MORALITES). More information about the project is available here. The project team will consist of two PhDs, two postdocs, and the PI.

              The central objectives of the overall project are 1) to theorizethe concepts of moral elites and moral economies to capture the role of civil society elites in influencing the ideational basis of society, 2) to explainhow the positions and position-takings of civil society elites have shaped the historical trajectory of moral economies, and 3) to comparethe influence of civil society elites in different national moral economies.

              The project will analyse the historical positioning of civil society leaders by applying methods such as 1) Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Social Network Analysis on biographical and career data, and 2) NLP Topic Modelling to analyse textual data.

              The project is divided into five work packages focusing on four country cases: 1) Italy, 2) Denmark, 3) Poland, 4) the UK, and 5) a methods and analysis work package. The post doc position is attached to the latter work package and will be concerned with collecting and analyzing data across work packages.

              The research conducted will be team based and oriented towards delivering on the project objectives. Taking the project framework into consideration, applicants are required to outline their reflections on how to study the historical positions and position-takings of civil society leaders with an emphasis on methods.

              Candidates are expexted to have a social science background or a Digitial Humanities profile and an interest in working with the kinds of data and methods mentioned above. Knowledge of civil society and historical sociology is an advantage, but is not a requirement.

              For more information about the position, please contact PI of the project Assistant Professor Anders Sevelsted (ase.bhl@cbs.dk).

              Research environment The Department of Business Humanities and Law is dedicated to an integrated approach to the contemporary challenges facing business and society drawing on the humanities, interdisciplinary social sciences, and law. It emphasizes problem-oriented research to understand those challenges and to build the lifelong capabilities necessary to address them. Faculty within the Department of Business Humanities and Law have diverse research backgrounds and research foci including but not limited to leadership, entrepreneurship, ethics, strategy, law, politics, sociology, philosophy, history, anthropology, diversity, equity and inclusion, and leisure management. What unites faculty is an overriding concern for the organization of the human within its multiple environments and, by implication, a research interest in the interdisciplinary “conversation” between humanities and social sciences.

              Within the Department of Business Humanities and Law, the position will be located in the Governance, Culture and Learning Unit, an interdisciplinary research environment connecting governance studies at all levels of global society.

              Qualifications The ideal candidate will have completed a PhD in either sociology, political science, or the (digital) humanities. The candidate will be committed to an academic career, have the capabilities to conduct internationally recognized research and be able to communicate findings clearly. The candidate will show an interest in connecting humanities and social sciences.

              The assessment of the candidate will be based primarily on the following qualifications:

              · Excellent academic track record and/or a promising pipeline.

              · Project relevant research according to the stated research objectives and an ability to clearly articulate a research agenda in agreement with the PI.

              · Enthusiasm for empirical and theoretical interdisciplinary research.

              · Ability to work autonomously, and as part of a team.

              · Excellent organizational and communication skills (both oral and written); proficiency in English is required, knowledge of a further project relevant language is a plus.

              · Ability to engage with others in a way that reflects our collective commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

              Application procedure All applications must be sent via the electronic recruitment system, using the link below. The application must include:

              · Cover letter describing the motivations to apply and fit with the research and teaching environment at CBS and BHL.

              · A full CV and proof of qualifications.

              · Documentation of relevant, significant, original research at an international level, including publications in internationally recognized journals and citations in the Social Science Citation Index and/or Google Scholar.

              · A complete, numbered list of publications and work in progress (indicating titles, co-authors, page numbers and year) with an marking of the academic productions to be considered during the review. A maximum of 5 publications for review are allowed. Applicants are encouraged to prioritize their publications or working papers in relation to the field of this job advertisement.

              · Copies of the publications marked with an .

              · Documentation of pedagogical qualifications or related material.

              · Any relevant information indicating experience in research management, industry cooperation and international collaborations.

              Recruitment procedure The Recruitment Committee will shortlist a minimum of two applicants. If possible, five or more applicants will be shortlisted. The shortlisted applicants will be assessed by the Assessment Committee. All applicants will be notified of their status in the recruitment process shortly after the application deadline. The applicants selected for assessment will be notified about the composition of the Assessment Committee and later in the process about the result of the assessment. An appointment committee will invite a selection of qualified candidates to an interview. Once the recruitment process is completed each applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application.

              Appointment Appointment and salary will be in accordance with the Ministry of Taxation's agreement with the Central Academic Organization. Information about CBS as a workplace is available at www. cbs.dk/en/about-cbs/jobs-cbs.

              For further information , please contact: PI of the project, Assistant Professor Anders Sevelsted, email ase.bhl@cbs.dk, or Head of Department, Professor Mitchell Dean, e-mail md.bhl@cbs.dk. Information about the department may be found at www. cbs.dk/bhl. Information about Copenhagen Business School is available at www. cbs.dk.

              Closing date: 1 February 2024

              Copenhagen Business School must receive all application material, including all appendices (see items above), by the application deadline.

              Copenhagen Business School invites all qualified candidates to apply for the position.

              One of CBS' strategic goals is the promotion of diversity, which is why every effort has been made to ensure a recruitment process that reduces potential bias. Applicants are therefore encouraged not to include a photo or unnecessary personal information in their application.

              Closing date: 1 February 2024.






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